Terms & Conditions

Rate Type Duration $ Rate $ Deposit* Start Date End Date
Off Shore All Day Charter 2060 1030.00 01/01/18 12/31/18
Near Shore All Day Charter 1236 618.00 01/01/18 12/31/18
Near Shore AM Charter 593 296.50 01/01/18 12/31/18
Near Shore PM Charter 593 296.50 01/01/18 12/31/18
  1. All cancellations or changes to your reservation must be done through your Captain.
  2. Prices may be increased without notice pending NPS approval. Prices are normally set at the beginning of each calendar year. On-line bookings for Charters beyond the current calendar year will carry prices in effect at the time of the Charter .. NOT the date of the booking.
  3. Service Charges of $20 will be applied on all returned checks.
  4. Credit Cards Discover, Master Card, American Express and Visa are accepted. If you use a charge card to pay your deposit, you cannot have the charge reversed at check-in in order to pay cash. Upon arrival and at check-in you can pay any balance due by cash or credit card. If you have questions about this policy please contact the booking desk BEFORE you make a reservation.
  6. Reservations may be made by the Booking Agent at the booking desk, by telephone, letter or on-line.
  7. NEXT YEAR RESERVATIONS If you book a reservation in the next calendar year it is considered PRELIMINARY and is NOT GUARANTEED. Around the end of each year we set the new year pricing and finalize the boats that will consist of next year's fleet. Until these arrangements have been made and announced NO NEXT YEAR RESERVATIONS are considered final. You are liable for any difference in rates for next year charters on or before your checkin date. Questions regarding this policy may be addressed to our booking desk personnel at 1-800-272-5199.
  8. Where full party does not exist make-up parties can usually be arranged by registering with the Booking Agent, however no guarantee can be made.
  9. Check-In Time Parties are to check in at least one-half hour prior to departure time. Management reserves the right to assign another party to boat and any deposit on hand is subject to forfeiture. At check-in the remaining balance of your payment (if any) MUST be paid in either cash, credit card, or by traveler's check.
  10. Fuel Surcharge Notice In the event diesel fuel reaches or exceeds $3.50 per gallon Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge of approximately $100 per trip. This ruling is expected to affect Off Shore Charters but is not restricted to same.


Off Shore - All Day Charters 5:30 am - 4:00 pm
Near Shore - All Day Charters 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
In Shore (open boat) - All Day Charters 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
All AM Charters 7:00 am - 11:30 pm
All PM Charters 12:00 noon - 4:30 pm
Allow for Daylight Savings Time and Changes in Day-break


  1. Tackle, lures and bait are furnished by the boat Captain.
  2. Parties must furnish their own food and drinks.
  3. Oregon Inlet Fishing Center sells many items for the charter fisherman, surf fisherman and visitors including new lines of the world famous Oregon Inlet Fishing Center t-shirts and hats. Auto and diesel fuel is available for your car, truck or RV.
  4. Visitors are welcome to come down and watch the charter boats return from their day of fishing .. it's a sight to behold .. a great show for both children and adults. A good time to arrive is around 3 p.m. each day.
    You must be 18 years old to book a reservation with Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Certain items may be subject to North Carolina Sales Tax and/or shipping charges. Prices may be increased without notice. Prices are normally set at the beginning of each calendar year. On-line bookings for Charters beyond the current calendar year will carry prices in effect at the time of the Charter .. NOT the date of the booking. If you have questions regarding pricing of a charter you should contact the Booking Agent by phone immediately at 800-272-5199. On-line reservations require payment by Discover, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Payment in person will be accepted if presented at least 14 days prior to scheduled departure via Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash, traveler's check made payable in U.S. dollars to: Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, PO Box 2089, Manteo, NC 27954. Participants must agree to accept Oregon Inlet Fishing Center's Terms and Conditions prior to submission of an On-Line Reservation. A charter reservation with Oregon Inlet Fishing Center does NOT guarantee fish will be caught during your trip. A refund will NOT be issued in the event no fish are caught during your trip. The fishing trip officially ends when the fish box on board is full or when the Captain at his sole discretion determines the trip is over. All decisions by Oregon Inlet Fishing Center are final. Questions regarding the reservation process should be directed to Oregon Inlet Fishing Center at 800-272-5199 or 252-441-6301.

    Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and Umbrella Consultants (UC) (Oregon Inlet Fishing Center's internet host) will use their best efforts to provide the highest practical level and quality of service; however, participant by using this service agrees that Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and UC make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Charter Reservation, or any of the services or goods furnished for sale or charter by Oregon Inlet Fishing Center or UC. Participant agrees that Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and UC shall not be liable for any loss of service, damage , expense or inconvenience. Participant further agrees that under no circumstances shall Oregon Inlet Fishing Center or UC be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages. By using these systems, making an on-line reservation or the use of any goods or services purchased at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, participant waives all claims against Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and UC whether in contract, tort or strict liability for damages, losses or injuries in connection or arising out of making a reservation. Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and UC reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time or withdraw any charter package from the reservation system without prior notification. Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and UC make every effort to see that your on-line booking is handled in a secure and efficient manner. Should you feel uneasy about the security of any information you are about to transmit over this network or the internet in general, we strongly recommend you contact Oregon Inlet Fishing Center directly to book your reservation by phone at 800-272-5199 or 252-441-6301 or other by mail at the address provided above. In such case DO NOT send your credit card number or any other information by the forms we have provided herein.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is located 8 miles South of Whalebone Junction - Route 12 at the north end of the Oregon Inlet Bridge in the beautiful Cape Hatteras National Seashore.