Species Fished

The type and quantity of fish caught will depend upon the type of charter, time of year, weather and sea conditions. While there are no guarantees on type and number of fish, our Captains do their best to maximize your time on the water. The table below will give you an idea of what is traditionally caught throughout the year.

Seasonality Chart

Species Peak Months Activity Range Comments
Blue Marlin June - September March - November The Atlantic Ocean's premier gamefish. Many are caught each year in excess of 700 pounds.
White Marlin July - October March - November These acrobatic marlin are caught frequently off our coast with multiple hookups occuring often.
Sailfish May - October March - November This spectacular billfish is highly prized as a mount. Mounts can be obtained without killing the fish.
Yellowfin Tuna September - May Year-Round These hard fighters are excellent table fare and are a year-round resident of our waters.
Dolphin June - September March - November One of the most beautiful of all gamefish and delicious with a firm, white, flaky meat.
Wahoo June - September March - November These speedy gamefish grow to great sizes off our coast and are excellent when grilled.
King Mackerel September - April Year-Round The largest member of the mackerel family can reach weights of 60 pounds or more. Delicious when grilled or broiled.
Big Bluefish October - December
March - May
February - June
September - December
These large fish are hard fighters and many reach 20 pounds. Delicious when smoked.
Taylor Bluefish May - September April - November Scrappy fighters and better eating than their bigger relatives when fried, broiled or grilled.
Spanish Mackerel May - September March - November Delicious cooked any way and abundant, these are a prized inshore catch.