Outer Banks Makeup Charter

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Definition: When people desire to share the cost of a Charter Fishing Boat with other people they do not know.

You must come to the booking desk in person or go online to register. This cannot be done by phone, email or mail. These requests are not guaranteed trips. Three things can factor into a trip not sailing: lack of fellow participants, lack of boat availability and/or inclement weather conditions. A refund of the payment will be issued in full should a make-up charter not be completed by OIFC.

If you would like to participate in a make-up charter, please complete this form. Once you have submitted this form along with your deposit, you must telephone the Booking Desk at (252) 441-6301 or visit the Booking Desk Personnel between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm each evening prior to the days you are available to see if you have been scheduled on a boat.

By submitting this request you are agreeing to abide by Oregon Inlet Fishing Center's TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Please read them carefully before submitting this request.

Complete the information on this form and we will place your name on our makeup list. When we get enough people together we put a charter trip together. A makeup charter cannot be applied for more than seven (7) days in advance of a trip.

The U.S. Coast Guard limits the number of people to any charter boat to six (6). We also put parties of four or five together if you like by splitting the cost of the charter equally.

When you sign up you pay the amount it will cost you to go in a six person charter (slightly less for Near-Shore charters). If we get only four or five in the makeup each party will pay the remainder before the charter will be confirmed. Your money will ONLY be refunded if we do not get a party together or if the captain calls a bad weather day. 

All boats are selected on a rotation basis. You do NOT have a choice on which boat to fish.

For complete details of our makeup charters, please read the following pdf document:

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